AirMax Pond Aerators


Airmax Diffuse Air Pond Aerators - Shallow Water Series and Pond Series (small ponds to large ponds)

Airmax manufactures effective, quiet, efficient and easy to install diffused air (bubblers) aeration systems for small ponds through small lakes. Aeration adds valuable oxygen to a pond or lake, particularly on the pond's bottom where muck and organic debris accumulates. A properly sized aerator works from the bottom up to ensure all areas of the pond are circulated and saturated with dissolved oxygen leaving you with a cleaner, clearer and healthier pond.

Airmax pond aeration systems (pond aerators) consists of two series: 1) Shallow Water Series and 2) Pond Series. As the name implies, the Airmas Shallow Water Series (SWS) is reserved for small shallow ponds generally not exceeding 6 to 10 feet of water depth.  Conversely, the Pond Series can handle deeper ponds up to 3 acres in size. 




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    Airmax SW20 Shallow Water Series

      Airmax Shallow Water Series SW20 - Aeration for Ponds up to 1/4 acres and up to 6 ft. Deep Aeration systems utilize a shore-mounted air pump that delivers air to specialized diffuser plates that are located on the pond bottom. Resulting in a...